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The Wall of Needs displays the needs posted with their status. 


Q. Who can view the Needs?

A. Anybody can view the needs posted alongwith their details.

Q. Who can Post a Need?

A. Only a Helping Hand can post a genuine need or adopt a need. If you wish to help someone register as a 'Helping Hand'. and start post all the needs around you. 

Q. How can I adopt a need?

A. You can adopt a need only in the capacity of a 'Helping Hand'. Follow the simple steps: 

Step - 1: Login as a helping hand and click the 'Wall of Needs'. 

Step - 2: If you see a need with a status 'Open for Adoption' and you feel you can complete the need, click the button 'Adopt'. 

Step - 3: Once you complete the need upload the details and mark the need 'Complete'.

Thanks for helping India fulfilling a genuine need.

Q. After adopting a need can i un-adopt a need?

A.  Yes, under situations that make feel you would not be able to complete the need adopted, you can un-adopt the need anytime.  

Wall of Needs

Posted on:  30-09-2018  |  Adopted on:  00-00-0000  |  Completed on:  00-00-0000  |  Status:   Open For Adoption

Saroj K Chaudhary 38 years needs help

Saroj is partially blind is fighting for survival.
Posted on:  10-12-2016  |  Adopted on:  26-12-2016  |  Completed on:  28-12-2016  |  Status:   Complete

Sachin Kumar a poor boy needs warm clothes and shoes

Sachin Kumar a poor boy in grave need of warm clothes and shoes. If you can help him adopt this need..