Helping hands

Helping Hands – Help the Mankind the way you want..


You can be of greatest help to India by just being a ‘Helping Hand’. A Helping Hand can be an Individual, Family, Organization, NGO, Trust, Society, Hospital, Corporate, Government, etc.

As a helping hand you are NOT under any obligation to devote time, money, etc. You would have utmost freedom to decide the way you want to work for mankind.


How does a Helping Hand Works:


                         Day - 1

Step - 1: Register as a Helping Hand

Step - 2: Login with the ID and Password received on your registered E-mail


                       Every Day

Step - 1: Keep your eyes open to see any ‘Genuine Need’ around.

Step - 2: Login with the ID and Password 

Step - 3: Open the Wall of Needs and post the ‘Need’, with maximum possible information and photos (Pictures would help understanding realities better).

Step - 4: Also scroll the Wall of Needs that are under the category 'Open for Adoption'

Step - 5: If you find a genuine need that you can adopt click ‘Adopt’ and complete the Need with your wisdom and resources.

Step - 6: Keep posting the stages of task (with as much details possible) and with completion click ‘Complete’.


By doing this you have helped the society in two ways:

  •     Filtering out 'Genuine Needs' out of the clutter of fake and fabricated needs

  •     ‘Adopting a Need’ that matches your priorities, resources, approachability or objectives.