You can be of great help to India by just contributing your 1 Minute a Day..


How does a Facillitator Works:

                  Day - 1

Step - 1: Register as a Facilitator

Step - 2: Login with the ID and Password received on your registered E-mail


                Every Day

Step - 1: Login with the ID and Password 

Step - 2: Open the Wall of Needs

Step - 3: Scroll the Needs that are under the category 'Open for Adoption'

Step - 4: If you find a genuine need click the 'Facebook' or 'Google +' icon and share it on your page..


By doing this you have helped a 'Genuine Need' reach millions of people hoping some kind-hearted people would join us as 'Helping Hands' and adopt one of these genuine needs. 


*By doing this if you feel good think about Joining us as 'Helping Hands' and 'Donor' too..