How To Join?

India Helps India is working with the collective efforts of all the Indians..

It starts with a soft corner in us when we see someone in a genuine need and the heart says lets do something for the society.

Now you can do everything that you ever thought of doing by just being a part of India Helps India. 

Simple 3 - ways of contributing to India

1. Register as a 'Helping Hand' - Start uploading every genuine need you see and adopt a genuine need if possible from the 'wall of needs'.

2. Register as a 'Facilitator' - Just spare 1 minute a day, look into the wall of needs and if you find a genuine need, click the 'Facebook', 'Twitter', 'Google+' icon and make the need visible to your connections.

3. Register as a 'Donor' - Just donate Rupee 1 a day (Rupees 365 Only) and see your rupee reaching the most genuine need. 

Open Needs

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Posted on:  10-01-2019 | Adopted on:  00-00-0000 | Completed on: 00-00-0000

Vikas, 26 year old without both hands need help


Vikas lost both the hands in an accident. 

Open For Adoption

Posted on:  30-12-2018 | Adopted on:  00-00-0000 | Completed on: 00-00-0000

Azhar, 24 years partially disabled needs help

Azhar, 24 years partially disabled does not want beg but work.

Open For Adoption

Posted on:  30-11-2018 | Adopted on:  00-00-0000 | Completed on: 00-00-0000

Upinder a man without both legs need Help


Upinder, a 35 year old male without both legs does not want to beg, but want to be self-employed. 

Open For Adoption
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Complete Needs

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Posted on:  10-12-2016 | Adopted on:  26-12-2016 | Completed on: 28-12-2016

Sachin Kumar a poor boy needs warm clothes and shoes

Sachin Kumar a poor boy in grave need of warm clothes and shoes. If you can help him adopt this need..

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How to Join?

Helping Hands!

Contribute as Helping Hands...


Contribute as Donors...


Contribute as Facilitator...

You can be of great help to India by just contributing your 1 Minute a Day..


How does a Facillitator Works:

Day - 1

Step - 1: Register as a Facilitator

Step - 2: Login with the ID and Password received on your registered E-mail


Every Day

Step - 1: Login with the ID and Password 

Step - 2: Open the Wall of Needs

Step - 3: Scroll the Needs that are under the category 'Open for Adoption'

Step - 4: If you find a genuine need click the 'Facebook' or 'Google +' icon and share it on your page..


By doing this you have helped a 'Genuine Need' reach millions of people hoping some kind-hearted people would join us as 'Helping Hands' and adopt one of these genuine needs. 


*By doing this if you feel good think about Joining us as 'Helping Hands' and 'Donor' too..

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