Currently there are thousands of NGO's, organizations and individuals trying to help poor People or the other sections of our society in their own limited capacities and resources but still there are millions of genuine needs thay stay unattended. 

In India there are most of the people living their life below the poverty limit and they struggle to live their life. India Helps India (NGO) is working for Help Poor Child and Stop labour child NGO in Delhi to make develop to India. We give education, food, clothes and orphan homes to make their life with good willing. Be a volunteer with us to donate and help someone needy, can contribute Rs 1/day.

India has millions of poor people who have limited means in life. Some people struggle to get the basics in life: food, water, home, clothes and education. More than 23.4% of India’s population lives below the poverty line, as per the World Bank figures.

Donating to an NGO is a Great Way of Help Poor Child

NGOs like Save the Children are giving offspring of today the correct devices and preparing for them to walk ahead in life. The association is helping poor to get a shot at a satisfying youth by giving them quality learning openings, access to medicinal services, insurance from manhandle and mischief and alleviation and recovery amid debacles and crises.

'India helps India' is a non-profit making body registered as a Trust under the Indian Trust Act 1882, having a nodal centre at New Delhi.India Helps India invites all NGO's, Organizations, Hospitals, Corporates, Individuals and even Families to collectively join hands for either or both of following objectives:

1. Filteration of most genuine needs

2. Poolling of Resouces to meet these needs

'Join us with no committments and no obligations'..

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