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India Helps India is a Non Profit NGO working for human equality and women rights is our main motto. In India 7 out 10 women are the victim of domestic violence, we need to finish it from our society to educate women and make more aware them with modern law. India Helps India is a Best NGO for Woman Empowerment in Delhi and work for poor people to make India free of illiteracy and reduce the poverty. You can also help us to grow step by step with all the facility and need. 

A platform where every drop of Help is directed to those who genuinely need it.. 'India Helps India' Best NGO in Delhi  is the country's most flexible platform where an 'Individual' or 'Organization' can help to needy people, to help poor people and also to woman empowerment, the way they wish and monitor their help most transparently. 

Any 'Individual/Organization' with a soft corner for humans can join us simply by giving his/her/their 'Good Intentions', 'just Re 1' or 'just 1 minute' .. Ngo for needy people in delhi. We believe that if we all pool our intentions and resources, 'collectively we can make a Difference'...


Every Human has a soft corner to help others in times of need. Whenever we found any children to work then we want to stop child labour because they born to live their life like other children.We at this NGO gathering together to stop child labour , litrate them ,facilitate them and help them to live a healthy life.Sometimes we hesitate to help because we are not sure that our help would be genuinely used in the right direction or not. 

It is not that India does not have resources but they are not channelised properly. Lets have a view at the powerful resource (130 cr population) that we all collectively have: 

If every Indian contribute 'Re 1 a day' we have 'Rs 130 cr each day' to help the those who genuinely need it. 

If every Indian contribute '1 Minute a Day' we have '130 cr minutes each day' to help those who genuinely need it.  

The mission of 'India Helps India' is to filter the most genuine needs of India and utilize this powerful resource to meet them.

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Posted on:  20-01-2017 | Adopted on:  00-00-0000 | Completed on: 00-00-0000

Kusum 60 year old blind widow needs help

Kusum, has no one to help and is left with no other option than beg.

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Posted on:  30-12-2016 | Adopted on:  00-00-0000 | Completed on: 00-00-0000

Saroj K Chaudhary 38 years needs help

Saroj is partially blind is fighting for survival.

Open For Adoption

Posted on:  20-12-2016 | Adopted on:  00-00-0000 | Completed on: 00-00-0000

Suman Kumar 29 years old needs help

Suman Kumar, a science graduate is unemployed for a long time. He is looking for an employment opportunity.

Open For Adoption
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Complete Needs

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Posted on:  10-12-2016 | Adopted on:  26-12-2016 | Completed on: 28-12-2016

Sachin Kumar a poor boy needs warm clothes and shoes

Sachin Kumar a poor boy in grave need of warm clothes and shoes. If you can help him adopt this need..

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You can be of great help to India by just contributing your 1 Minute a Day..


How does a Facillitator Works:

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Every Day

Step - 1: Login with the ID and Password 

Step - 2: Open the Wall of Needs

Step - 3: Scroll the Needs that are under the category 'Open for Adoption'

Step - 4: If you find a genuine need click the 'Facebook' or 'Google +' icon and share it on your page..


By doing this you have helped a 'Genuine Need' reach millions of people hoping some kind-hearted people would join us as 'Helping Hands' and adopt one of these genuine needs. 


*By doing this if you feel good think about Joining us as 'Helping Hands' and 'Donor' too..

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